A Potted Anniversary.

This date is a very momentous one – exactly one year ago today I posted the very first post from The Blonde Forester!!! It has been such a successful and exciting year, both for myself and the blog, and it is time to celebrate! I thought long and hard as to the best, most fitting way, to celebrate the first anniversary of my beloved blog and then of course it hit me – what could be more fitting than planting a tree sapling to mark the occasion. So at the weekend I planted my very own Scots pine sapling in a lovely pot and marked it with the date and occasion. The response to the blog has been so wonderful and I am proud to say viewer numbers grow ever higher with hundreds or thousands of hits every month. It all started when I joined the FC’s grad scheme and wanted to share my passion and enthusiasm for forestry and the commission with the wider world, and I am so proud to be accomplishing that aim.


Anniversary sapling.

Who would have thought, as I started to type last year, that I would have spent the year covering such a diverse number of topics – from badgers and bluebells to fungi and Pliny, Rackham and Peterkin to Natural Capital and broadleaves to conifers, this blog truly has it all! It even indulges in my love of Classics and never am I happier than when I can combine both Silviculture and Classics together. I like to think my beloved Suetonius and Tacitus would not be disappointed with me -though I expect the former would prefer the inclusion of indiscrete gossip and the latter rather more dates and facts… but then I believe I am the only one of the three of us to write about Silviculture and so any such complaints would fall upon deaf ears. Around the time I started to plan this blog I made myself a private promise – I promised myself that I would soon start reading the ancient historians for pleasure. During my time at university I studied them in depth and enjoy it though I did, there is a great difference in reading for study and for pleasure. So after planting my little Scots Pine I thought it would be the perfect way of quietly celebrating the blog to start reading Suetonius again, this time simply for the joy of his descriptions and wonderfully amusing accounts of Roman life. I also put aside the Oxford translation I got for university and gleefully picked up the Robert Graves translation (the Oxford translation is deemed to be more academically correct as to the translation of particular words, phrases etc) which has a brilliant turn of phrase and imbues the book with Graves’ particular charm on top of that of Suetonius. And so the journey from Classics to Silviculture was suitably celebrated with a combination of both!

Thank you all very much for reading the blog, and I hope you continue to follow my adventures as I progress onwards in my journey through the Forestry Commission’s Graduate Development Scheme.


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