Out of the Woodwork.

It is my very great pleasure today to tell you all about a fantastic new Forestry Commission blog called ‘Out of the Woodwork’! Written by a colleague of mine from Forestry Commission England’s tree health team called Katherine Deeks, it focuses on tree health and is full of brilliantly interesting information on tree pests, diseases and how to combat them. These threats are not just a problem to growing trees, but can also be a threat to timber, even to objects made of timber as a slightly creepy picture in the blog shows – in which an Asian Longhorn Beetle has burrowed deeply into a clock…

Link to ‘Out of the Woodwork’ : https://outofthewoodwork.blog/

‘Out of the Woodwork’ is already up and running and will feature guest bloggers, as well as industry experts out-with the organisation. Tree health is an incredibly important issue, now more than ever, and I am delighted to see a blog covering this issue. Not least because I am learning all sorts of things from it such as the crucial importance of the FC’s Keep it Clean Campaign. The campaign seeks to raise awareness amongst us all about the importance of visitors to the woods (of all kinds – walkers, cyclists, drivers) cleaning their boots/tyres before and after each visit. This helps to stop the spread of pests and diseases to other woods, and can make a big impact in containing disease, and thus the ability to treat it quickly and effectively.

Keep it Clean Logo strapline


Really it is just like a battlefield with the forces for tree health from the Forestry Commission, and other plant health authorities, ranged on one side ready to combat tree pests and diseases in order to save our glorious woods from harm. And we are all able to play our part to support them – Kat is spreading the word through her blog by raising awareness of this campaign, and we can all play our part by heeding her advice. By reporting trees that look ill, or simply by cleaning our wellies after visiting a wood, we can all help fight tree disease.


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