The Search is On!

The search is on for a brand new graduate to join the Forestry Commission in England! It is such exciting news! The graduate scheme has altered slightly since I joined, and is now searching the land far and wide for a graduate who studied science (related to the environment or land management), civil engineering, forestry or business. The new recruit will then spend their first year in the South District in Lyndhurst, just like I did, before moving to another district or National Office in Bristol for their second year of the scheme.

All details are here:

I am so enjoying my own time on the graduate programme, and I can’t wait to see another grad join. The learning experiences on offer are so varied, the opportunities to learn are endless and the possibilities involved are second to none. While the Forestry Commission itself is a fantastic organisation to become a part of; filled as it is with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and hard working individuals all passionate about caring for the Public Forest Estate on behalf of the nation.

I heartily recommend the scheme to anyone with an interest in forestry, even if you haven’t worked in the industry before. As this blog has shown I entered the commission with a degree in Ancient History, a background in agriculture and no forestry experience at all! But what I did have, and still do, is a real passion for the ethos and work undertaken by the Forestry Commission. Its work spans many different fields, but ultimately it is committed to caring for, preserving and expanding the wonderful woodlands of England, and that is something I feel very proud to be a part of.

The application process this year:

Stage One: Apply online:

Stage Two: Competency based telephone interview

Stage Three: Numerical and verbal tests online

Stage Four: Assessment day including final interview


I well remember when I myself started the application process for the graduate scheme: lots of tests, an assessment day and of course the much dreaded final interview! With each new stage passed reaching the goal seemed just a little more possible, and by the day of my final interview I was terribly nervous as I had so identified with the role on offer that I badly wanted to be successful. Applying for anything involves a curious mix of confidence and nerves. Both are very much needed, but the balance between the pair is all important: not confident enough in your own abilities and you don’t show your strengths, but without sufficient nervous energy willing you on to succeed you lack the necessary passion for the job… What I am inarticulately trying to say is that for a graduate position like this passion and drive are just as important as your base of skills. Knowledge and experience will come with time on the job, but enthusiasm and a desire to learn cannot be replicated.

I want to wish all potential candidates enormous good luck with the application process.


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